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Summer Lovin’ | Sun Tea

Posted on May 13, 2014 by in food, home page, Main | 0 comments

bellasalamode iced tea 5

When trying to stay cool through a heat wave or to kick off summer, one of our go-to drinks is home brewed iced sun tea.

iced tea 3

Nothing tastes better or is more refreshing and it’s easy, quick and effortless.

We love the simplicity.

We use 7 tea bags to brew a dark sun tea in a gallon jar of water.  It starts to brew the moment we put it in the sun and within an hour or so, it is done!

iced tea 1

iced tea 2

We love to drink ours with a sugared rim.  Little trick: let the sugar rim dry for just a bit before serving the iced sun tea.

Add ice cubes, mint, lemon, whatever you like and enjoy!  Currently enjoying ours with just sugar.

The tea brewed here: Tazo Awake for that extra kick.

Happy Summer!

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